An optimal placement of the router in the customer’s home – for a better E2E service experience

Router in the center of the home

The router can stay where it belongs: in the center of the customer’s home – contributing to a better Wi-Fi and wireless telephony coverage in the house. This ensures, the full potential of the fiber connection is delivered end-to-end.

No new drilling or cabling required

The installation cost and complexity of connecting ONT and router are significantly reduced. Our solutions are a simple way of avoiding unnecessary dust and dirt in your customer’s home as well as visible cabling. They also allow for a later relocation of the router in the house.

Fast and easy installation

More installations per technician per day. Our solutions are designed for an easy connection with the existing coaxial, phone or power line. This results in less time spent by your technician in your customer’s house.

Developed to meet the challenges of the FTTH rollout


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Fiber speed delivered to the center of the home

Products at a glance

Giga Bridge

  • Technology: Coax or telephone
  • Use case: Broadband services up to 1 Gbps
  • Topology: Point to point

Test samples are available for you to try our solution!


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Fiber Connect

  • Technology: Powerline
  • Use case: Broadband  services up to 250 Mbps
  • Topology: Point to point

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How it works


Benefits for you and your customers



  • No need to move the router to the basement or utility room.
  • Better Wi-Fi and wireless telephony coverage for the perfect user experience.
  • Inexpensive alternative to the cost and time investment of laying additional cabling.
  • No visible wiring – flexible solution for future.

FTTH Provider


  • No loss of performance – full potential of fiber connection delivered end-to-end.
  • Router stays in the center of the home contributing to an optimal Wi-Fi and wireless telephony performance.
  • The solution is designed to work with the existing wiring of all private houses.



  • Fast and easy installation to cover more houses per day.
  • The any-wire concept makes the solution suitable for many locations.
  • One device fits almost all – less equipment needed on van.

All services perfectly delivered E2E – for more loyal and satisfied customers!