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Fiera / 02.02.2009

devolo at CeBIT 2009: Featuring professional HomePlug solutions for performance optimisation and WLAN integration


The global market leader in the HomePlug powerline segment, devolo AG of Aachen, Germany, is introducing two dLAN innovations for professional users at CeBIT 2009: the dLAN 200 AVpro WP and the dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N. With these new solutions for small and mid-size HFC networks, which, among other features, make it possible to integrate WLAN into the HomePlug infrastructure, devolo is strengthening its cutting-edge position in the business customer market.

The powerline specialist devolo AG will showcase innovative network solutions for professional applications at CeBIT (3 – 8 March, 2009) at booth C20 in Hall 13. With the dLAN 200 AVpro WP and the dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N, the company has expanded its B2B portfolio with two products which, with an integrated mains filter, improve performance and make it possible to integrate WLAN networks into the HomePlug infrastructure.

dLAN 200 AVpro WP – better HomePlug performance meets a smart housing design

The devolo dLAN 200 AVpro WP allows HomePlug use even where only few wall outlets are available. With its integrated earthed socket, the dLAN adapter can accommodate any end device and even multiple outlet strips without problem. In addition to the smart housing design, this device comes with an integrated mains filter, which helps to reduce interference in the powerline network, thus improving the transmission quality; the bandwidth status can be read directly from the unit via the LED quality indicator. Thanks to scalable upgrades, up to 63 slaves can be implemented per master. Professional functions such as Quality of Service (QoS) for automatic data prioritisation and comprehensive configuration options such as notching and output power are fully integrated. Remote control is available via the devolo management software dLAN 200 AVmanager v2.

dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N – easy WLAN integration into HomePlug networks

The dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N makes it possible to create customised HomePlug network solutions based on coaxial, electric or telephone lines with transfer rates up to 200 Mbps. A single device can handle segment sizes with up to 253 slaves. The integrated WLAN technology with B, G and N standards allows you to use the device as a WLAN access point, bridge or client. During development, special attention was placed on simple and fast installation, without the need to route new wiring. Thus, for example, integrating the unit requires no changes to an antenna network. Remote management via SNMP or a Web interface saves time and lowers costs.The application areas for the dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N include small to mid-size HFC networks as well as satellite distribution systems and satellite IF distribution, broadband cable distribution for community antenna associations and broadband cable in-premises distribution systems in residential buildings. devolo considers the target group of the new dLAN business solutions to include mid-size and large hotels, companies in the housing industry, shipping companies, providers of security systems, and public and private institutions in charge of schools, senior housing facilities and hospitals.

"With the new professional HomePlug solutions, we are fulfilling our business clients‘ wishes for simpler set-up and integration", said Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, adding, "with the integration of WLAN, we can make the HomePlug technology even more interesting for professional users and continue to strengthen our market position in the process." devolo is also introducing new consumer products at CeBIT 2009. These will be described in a separate press release.