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Fiera / 03.02.2009

devolo at CeBIT 2009: The largest product launch in the history of the company, with a new line-up of HomePlug entertainment products


devolo AG from Aachen, Germany, the global market leader in the HomePlug powerline segment, is presenting its largest ever product launch at CeBIT 2009. With the new dLAN Entertainment product family, devolo is featuring numerous HomePlug innovations for the audio and video branch. At the exhibition, in addition to the new dLAN Audio line-up, with highlights such as the dLAN Audio base iPod dock and dLAN Audio tone—the designer active speakers with HomePlug technology, the company will be unveiling the dLAN TV Sat Receiver, its first digital satellite receiver with a dLAN set-top box. The classic HomePlug application area in home networks, too, will feature new developments with products like the dLAN 85 HS plus.

Powerline specialist devolo AG will uncover its largest product launch ever at this year‘s CeBIT, the central innovation tradeshow in the IT and CE market. At the fair, which will be held 3 – 8 March, 2009 in Hanover, Germany, the new dLAN Entertainment product family will be shown for the first time. In addition to the introduction of innovations in the digital audio and video world, classic IT networking via HomePlug will play a central role at devolo‘s booth C20 in Hall 13.

dLAN Audio – multi-room sound for iPod, Internet radio, computer and entertainment system

The new devolo dLAN Audio world offers perfect multi-room audio entertainment. No matter the room, your favourite music—from your iPod, Internet radio, computer or entertainment system—is there. Two soon-to-be-introduced, innovative devolo products make it possible:

As a stylish speaker, the dLAN Audio tone system combines an active stereo sound system with HomePlug technology in order to provide music throughout the home. With a toggle switch on top, you can choose between the various channels of the dLAN Audio world, such as iPod, computer or Internet radio. devolo has placed great value in the ability of the dLAN Audio tone system to adjust to the source for optimum sound quality. The 2-way bass reflex system provides powerful and brilliant sound. The remote control allows you to control the dLAN Audio tone system from the comfort of your sofa.With the dLAN Audio base, devolo provides a seat for the iPod in the dLAN Audio world. It allows one or more dLAN Audio tone systems to play the music from an Apple music player or a HiFi or entertainment system that is connected to the dLAN Audio base. The system is compatible with any Apple music player that comes with a dock connector. MP3 players made by other manufacturers can be connected via the analogue audio input. Furthermore, the music from the iPod can also be played back over the connected HiFi or entertainment system. For controlling the Apple player, an infrared remote control is included with the dLAN Audio base.

dLAN TV Sat – satellite TV in HD quality on TVs and computers

With the dLAN-TV-Sat system, devolo has added the advantages of HomePlug technology to satellite reception: Until now, coaxial cables had to be routed throughout the home for DVB-S reception. With the dLAN-TV world, devolo provides simple and convenient reception of digital satellite television—with no cables. Until now, this technology was limited to computers. With the new dLAN TV Sat Receiver, devolo is now presenting a satellite receiver solution with HomePlug technology. Now you can watch digital satellite television on the HD television in the living room, too. The dLAN TV Sat Receiver is a fully equipped receiver for digital satellite television in HD quality. For the best possible signal transmission, it comes with an HDMI connection; analogue TVs can be connected via SCART. A CI module allows you to insert smart cards, for example for receiving encrypted programmes. For the best possible surround sound, a digital connection is provided in addition to the analogue audio outputs. The integrated, EPG-controlled recording function saves videos directly to a connected external USB or eSATA hard drive. If two receivers are used in one Twin LNB, the dLAN TV Sat Receiver can record one programme while another TV channel is being viewed. This feature is also available if a coaxial satellite TV cable is being used—this is one way that the dLAN-TV-Sat system provides improvements to existing satellite TV systems.

dLAN 85 HS plus – the clever HomePlug innovation for better transmission quality

The new plus in HomePlug networking: The dLAN 85 HS plus is a cleverly designed dLAN Highspeed adapter. The integrated electrical socket enables additional end devices or power strips to be connected to the unit just like to a normal wall outlet. As such, the integrated mains filter significantly improves data transmission in the home network. The devolo dLAN 85 HS plus offers a transmission rate of up to 85 Mbps and is designed for easy plug-and-play connections between router, computers and other network-compatible devices. With the patented devolo PowerSave technology, the adapter uses 30% less energy when the connected network device is off. Furthermore, full compatibility with devolo adapters of the first HomePlug generation is guaranteed.

"With the dLAN Entertainment products, we are proud to be presenting a completely new line-up of innovative HomePlug products", remarked Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, adding, "this is how we can show that the application range of this technology in home networking is practically infinite." devolo is also introducing new products from its B2B product line at CeBIT 2009. These will be described in a separate press release.