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Fiera / 14.10.2010

devolo at the BBWF 2010: Focus on innovative hybrid TV solutions via powerline


Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG, specialist for powerline solutions in the end customer segment and for professional use, is presenting new dLAN® products for Internet service providers at the Broadband World Forum 2010 in Paris. devolo‘s appearance at the French industry trade fair is focusing on an innovative hybrid TV entertainment solution that enables IPTV providers to offer hybrid IPTV services with minimal effort and expense by integrating them into existing hardware. Hybrid IPTV links satellite TV content in HD quality with broadband VOD services. This allows Internet service providers to offer their IPTV product in areas that do not have optimum xDSL service. The company is also presenting the first adapters of the new powerline generation with speeds of 500 Mbps.

With devolo powerline products, Internet service providers can provide their customers with the ideal home networking and home entertainment solution as part of their triple play offerings. The Germany-based powerline specialist is presenting the complete portfolio of its devolo ISP Solutions unit at the Broadband World Forum 2010 trade fair, being held in the French capital from 26 to 28 October 2010. The Paris CNIT La Defense convention centre is again serving as the exhibit and conference facility.

Hybrid TV – ideal home entertainment combining xDSL and satellite services

At BBWF 2010, devolo is presenting two turnkey hybrid TV solutions that operate via powerline. Hybrid IPTV enables Internet service providers to provide a comprehensive TV offering with optimum xDSL network utilisation or to offer triple play services in regions with a less well developed xDSL structure. While Video-on-Demand services – such as the contents of the media library – continue to be loaded via the broadband network, live TV formats reach the house via satellite according to the DVB-S2 standard. This not only significantly increases the potential in terms of addressable IPTV customers, it also greatly reduces the individual installation times and costs.

To make this possible, devolo has developed a modular hybrid TV system consisting of a tuner and IP set-top box. The separate satellite tuner is simply connected using a short coaxial cable. The signal is routed the rest of the way to the IP set-top box via powerline. In large part, there is no need to route coaxial cables within the house or apartment, as the satellite signal is transmitted via powerline. This development by devolo also enables many IPTV set-top boxes that are on the market already to be converted to hybrid IPTV solutions. The content stream of the satellite is sent from the devolo tuner via powerline directly to the set-top box and be used like a second video source. There is no need for complicated upgrades of the customer hardware; only a firmware update is required. At Stand C6, the company is displaying a solution of this type with existing hardware from renowned ISPs. devolo also offers its set, familiar from the end customer market, consisting of tuner and dLAN® TV Sat 1300-HD receiver set-top box as an OEM solution. This is an attractive option for all Internet service providers who are searching for a complete turnkey solution in this segment.

dLAN® 500 – the new powerline standard for all triple play services

With the dLAN® 500, the company is presenting the new dLAN® generation for in-home powerline networks. The adapters, which are in compliance with the international IEEE 1901 standard, offer both a higher transmission rate of 500 Mbps and a longer range. This allows, for example, multiple HDTV channels to be transmitted simultaneously and retrieved throughout the home. Compared to alternative proprietary powerline solutions, the IEEE 1901 guarantees better performance and range. Thus the company also takes the FTTx efforts of Internet service providers into account, who are planning to make 100 Mbps broadband Internet available to European households via glass fibre in the near future. The first products of the new dLAN® 500 generation are scheduled for market launch in December 2010.

dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N – innovative powerline-based home networking centre

Alongside the presentation of its dLAN® 500 products, devolo is completing the dLAN® 200 AV portfolio with the dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N: the 3-in-1 adapter unites WLAN, LAN and dLAN® in one compact unit. This way mobile devices like a laptop, web tablet or smart phone easily connect to the dLAN® home network via WLAN, while the desktop computer, network printer and NAS hard drive in your home office are connected via the classic network cable. The same applies for Internet TVs, Blu-ray players and game consoles in the living room. The compact dLAN® adapter is equipped with two internal WLAN antennas with MIMO technology and enables WLAN zones to be set up quickly and easily for wireless surfing in the dLAN® network. Support of the fast WiFi N standard ensures that the full dLAN® bandwidth of 200 Mbps is used. In addition, the adapter has three Ethernet sockets and thus is the ideal product for operating multiple network-compatible devices on one dLAN® adapter. The dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N is already available.

To coincide with the trade fair, devolo is launching a new microsite especially for Internet service providers and telecommunications providers that presents the company‘s innovative dLAN® solutions for this segment.

"With our existing dLAN® TV Sat solution, we offer Internet service providers a simple and cost-effective solution for obtaining optimum utilisation of their broadband networks and implementing data transfer-intensive applications such as HDTV via DVB-S2", remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. He continues: "For the BBWF, devolo is unveiling a one-of-a-kind solution that allows satellite TV to be retrofitted on existing triple play set-top boxes at the customer‘s location." "In addition, at the BBWF we are once again demonstrating that powerline is the ideal in-house networking technology that offers many advantages, not only on the transmission side. The dLAN® 500 and the new dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N are outstanding, well-conceived products that are also easy to install and thus ensure high customer satisfaction," adds Harald Hilgers, Sales Manager of devolo AG.

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