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Fiera / 06.02.2008

devolo features new dLAN business products at CeBIT 2008:


IP networks via existing cable networks – dLAN integration as modular solution. At this year‘s CeBIT trade fair, devolo AG will showcase a number of innovative dLAN solutions for business in addition to its well-known dLAN adapters for private users. At the devolo fair stand in hall 13, stand C30, the inhouse powerline specialist from Aachen will be presenting a new performance class of professional dLAN products that have been designed particularly with the needs of business users in mind. Here, devolo focuses on two large areas: simple networking of large buildings using dLAN as well as integrating dLAN technology in different network-compatible devices. The new product portfolio consisting of dLAN 200 AVpro basic, dLAN 200 AVpro2 as well as dLAN 200 AVpro host and dLAN 200 AVpro WP forms the basis for networking large buildings. All new products use existing cable networks such as aerial, power or phone lines in apartment buildings or hotels to establish a broadband network in the building. For the integration market, devolo shows different modular integration options with dLAN Power supply 200-18, dLAN 200 AVminiPCI and dLAN 200 AVmodule. These devices make existing network products compatible with HomePlug and are easy to install.

Networking buildings via existing cable networks with dLANFor software and service providers seeking a simple solution for data networking of large buildings such as hotels, hospitals or residential buildings, there is help at hand. At this year‘s CeBIT, devolo will show a low-cost option to use existing cable networks in a building (aerial, power or phone cable) to set up a broadband IP network with its new dLAN Business solutions. There is an obvious advantage to this approach - no need to install a new cable network means keeping cost and effort to a minimum. The dLAN Business adapters are based on HomePlug AV standard and transmit data, language and video at a speed of up to 200 Mbps. The differences between the products are in the detail. dLAN 200 AVpro basic and dLAN AVpro WP transmit data via the power line. In addition, the dLAN 200 AVpro WP has an integrated socket to connect terminal equipment, as well as a filter to optimise transfer performance. In addition to the power line, dLAN 200 AVpro2 and dLAN 200 AVpro host can also use aerial or phone lines for data transmission. Unlike dLAN 200 AVpro2, dLAN 200 AVpro host has its own IP address. This means that the configuration of the device can be accessed from anywhere by web browser. A further performance feature is the integrated, manageable 4-port switch, providing an individual quality of service allocation on connected equipment. dLAN AVmanager software connects all dLAN Business products. With this powerful management software, devolo provides a clever tool designed to configure and monitor entire dLAN networks.

dLAN integration as a modular solution

For system integrators and manufacturers, devolo shows a range of products providing modular solutions at CeBIT. These products provide an easy option to make network-compatible terminal equipment HomePlug-compatible. Customers can choose between two different levels of integration. The dLAN Power supply 200-18 is the simplest integration option by devolo. dLAN Power supply 200-18 is a power supply and HomePlug adapter in one. The huge advantage of this device is that network-compatible products are made HomePlug-compatible by using the external power supply with integrated dLAN technology. devolo provides a further option of integrating dLAN with dLAN 200 AVminiPCI, a device that utilises a standardised interface. Integrating the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI is particularly easy. If there is a Mini PCI Interface in the product, the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI is simply inserted or replaced. For coupling data on the power line, devolo furthermore provides the dLAN Coupling Device as a "blackbox", which is connected to the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI via plug-in connection as well as to the power supply of the product. The dLAN 200 AVmodule, which was developed as a plug-in connection for devices and components, is another integration option from devolo. The dLAN 200 AVmodule is equipped with a MII interface. Because it‘s a plug-in connection, it provides an economic solution for business customers who wish to integrate the well-known HomePlug-AV technology directly in industrial or consumer products.

You will find all the new devolo Business products from 4 – 9 March at CeBIT in hall 13, stand C30.