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Fiera / 05.09.2007

devolo introduces Mini-PCI integration module based on HomePlug AV standard – premiere at the IBC


devolo AG, the Aachen-based network specialist, pioneer in the field of HomePlug technology and European market leader, will present the new dLAN 200 AVminiPCI in form of a Mini-PCI module at the IBC in Amsterdam (7-11 September 2007) for the first time. By integrating this compact HomeplugAV module, network-compatible products such as e.g. TV, router or set-top boxes can support brutto data transfer of 200 Mbit/s in a simple, cost-effective and fast manner via the electrical wiring.

High speed data network via the electrical wiringThese compact integration modules have important advantages for the customer: the new dLAN 200 AVminiPCI converts your electrical wiring into a high speed data network – with a range of up to 200 metres. Thick walls will no longer be an obstruction and additional wiring will not be necessary, as the power connection, which is essential to run the product anyway, will also function as a high speed data connection – a great advantage compared to Ethernet wiring or WLAN. In addition, the devolo dLAN 200 AVminiPCI is equipped with the innovative HomePlug AV Chipset from Intellon and, due to its small design, it can be integrated into almost any application.

Integrating the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI

Integration of the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI is particularly easy. If a Mini-PCI interface – usually a WLAN client – has already been installed in the product, the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI can simply be inserted or exchanged. For the coupling of data with the electrical wiring, devolo offers an additional dLAN Coupling Device as a “blackbox”, which is connected to the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI and to the mains adapter of the product via a plug connection.

One of the biggest advantages of the dLAN 200 AVminiPCI is the fact that it works independently of the operating system. The necessary drivers for the integrated and widely used Realtek RTL8139 network controller are already included in most operating systems.

High security and quality

The transfer quality (Quality of Service) of the data is safeguarded by automatic data prioritisation. The data security on the power line guarantees a 128Bit-AES encryption. And with the integrated Power Safe mode, a devolo registered trademark, power consumption can be reduced by up to 50%.