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Fiera / 23.03.2009

devolo presents B2B product line at London IPTV World Forum


The global market leader in the HomePlug powerline segment, devolo AG of Aachen, Germany, presents its complete product portfolio for ADSL/VDSL cable network operators, DTH providers and manufacturers of IP-based CPEs (set-top boxes or home gateways) at the IPTV World Forum. With products such as the dLAN 200 AVplus, the dLAN Y-Cable 200 – 18 (a combination mains adapter/Powerline adapter) and the AV modules for terminal device integration, the complete devolo product range will be presented in London‘s Olympia National Hall.

Powerline specialist devolo AG continues to expand its B2B business area. In 2008, the company completed important large-scale projects with system integrators and network operators—devolo is the largest European powerline networking manufacturer in this area. This year, the company will exhibit its new products for home networking, which can be installed by end customers themselves, at the London trade fair from 25 to 27 March. You can find devolo at the Olympia National Hall, ground floor, booth 130.

dLAN 200 AVplus & dLAN 200 AVpro WP – better HomePlug performance meets a smart housing design

The new dLAN adapter 200 AVplus and dLAN 200 AVpro WP allow the use of HomePlug devices even where only few wall outlets are available. With its integrated earthed socket, the dLAN adapters can accommodate any end device and even multiple outlet strips without problem. In addition to the stylish housing design (devolo currently offers the most compact device in this category), both devices have an integrated mains filter. This serves to increase throughput and reduce interference in the powerline network. This improves the transmission quality substantially. The technology of the mains filter is designed for a power supply of up to 16 amps and ensures interference-free operation without an additional internal fuse and thus guarantees extremely low RMA rates. Of course, Quality of Service functions for optimal IPTV transmission and an LED quality indicator are also included in the scope of delivery. These product features guarantee extremely simple installation/network optimisation by the end customer. This saves the network operator from the high costs associated with support enquiries to the call centre. Encryption at the touch of a button comes standard and has been available since the market launch of the dLAN 200 AVeasy.

AVmodule / AVmini PCI – the direct integration solution for network-compatible terminal devices

In addition, devolo offers system integrators such as CE manufacturers its dLAN AV Module for direct integration into terminal devices. As such, network-compatible terminal devices such as set-top boxes can communicate with each other over the existing electrical wiring without any need for Ethernet cabling. In addition to the dLAN 200 AVmodule integration module, devolo is presenting another Mini PCI-based version, taking advantage of the benefits of a standardised interface. The dLAN 200 AVmini PCI reduces the integration effort significantly, as many boards already have Mini PCI integration.

dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N – easy WLAN integration into HomePlug networks

The dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N makes it possible to create customised HomePlug network solutions based on coaxial, electric or telephone lines with transfer rates up to 200 Mbps. Thus it is suitable for use in the hotel industry, for example to supply guest rooms with IPTV, pay TV and broadband Internet. The integrated WLAN technology with B, G and N standards allows you to use the device as a WLAN access point, bridge or client. With one unit, segment sizes with up to 253 slaves can be managed. The application areas for the dLAN 200 AVpro WP and the dLAN 200 AVpro host wireless N include small to mid-size HFC networks as well as satellite distribution systems and satellite IF distribution, broadband cable distribution for community antenna associations and broadband cable in-premises distribution systems in residential buildings.

dLAN TV Sat – satellite TV in HD quality on TVs and computers

With the dLAN-TV-Sat system, devolo has added the advantages of HomePlug technology to satellite reception: Until now, coaxial cables had to be routed throughout the home for DVB-S reception. With the dLAN-TV-Sat world, devolo provides simple and convenient reception of digital satellite television—with no cables. Until now, this technology was limited to computers. With the new dLAN NAT TV Sat Receiver, devolo is now presenting a satellite receiver solution with HomePlug technology. Now you can watch digital satellite television on the HD television in the living room, too.

The dLAN TV Sat Receiver is a fully equipped receiver for digital satellite television in HD quality. For the best possible signal transmission, it comes with an HDMI connection; analogue TVs can be connected via SCART. A CI module allows you to insert smart cards, for example for receiving encrypted programmes. For the best possible surround sound, a digital connection is provided in addition to the analogue audio outputs. The integrated, EPG-controlled recording function saves videos directly to a connected external USB or eSATA hard drive. If two receivers are used in one Twin LNB, the dLAN TV Sat Receiver can record one programme while another TV channel is being viewed. This feature is also available if a coaxial satellite TV cable is being used—this is one way that the dLAN-TV-Sat system provides improvements to existing satellite TV systems.

All devolo HomePlug products are manufactured with high-quality components, such as long-lasting capacitors and an innovative thermal design. With 16 amps, they also feature outstanding short-circuit-proof performance. The patented PowerSave function enables the devices to reduce their energy consumption automatically when not in use. "Thanks to our numerous OEM customers, devolo has become the leading European Powerline provider in the B2B segment. We were able to gain even more new customers by introducing the dLAN 200 AVplus," says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "For 2009, devolo expects this segment to continue booming, and thus can offer network operators a real alternative. In particular, demand for HomePlug integration modules such as the dLAN 200 AVmini PCI is increasing tremendously." At the IPTV World Forum in London, devolo is also presenting its new business partner concept, with which system integrators have direct access to developer resources of devolo‘s engineers.