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Clienti privati / 05.06.2008

devolo‘s new configuration software—dLAN 200 AVpro manager—for easy configuration of dLAN business networks

The dLAN 200 AVpro manager software enables configuration and monitoring of professional, complex dLAN networks using drag & drop. Aachen-based network specialist devolo AG, a pioneer in HomePlug technology and market leader in Europe, is expanding its "Business Solutions" portfolio with a new and highly efficient network management tool: The dLAN 200 AVpro manager software enables configuration and monitoring of professional, complex dLAN networks using drag & drop. Using the dLAN 200 AVpro manager you can centrally set up, manage and monitor professional dLAN networks, such as those in hotels, senior housing facilities, schools, hospitals or even on cruise ships. In addition, the latest devolo product assigns variable network profiles individually for every device or segment connected.

Starting immediately, the devolo dLAN business products now include the dLAN 200 AVpro manager network software. This comprehensive network management tool was specially developed for use with the professional dLAN products of devolo, based in Aachen, Germany. The dLAN business products enable broadband data communication using existing power, coaxial or telephone lines or any two-wire line. With transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps, these HomePlug AV adapters are suited for broadband IPTV and video on demand, among other things.Typically these devices work in a master-slave architecture. The need for central management and central configuration is a given here. Depending on the requirements and the type of device, up to 63 or even 253 slave or terminal devices can be connected to a master. And in complex networks, even more such master-slave segments can exist in parallel.

Drag & drop

Using drag & drop in dLAN 200 AVpro manager, you can move available dLAN devices from a created device pool to the desired network structure. Assigning master and slave roles this way is as easy as assigning a shared network password across a network. Through freely configurable network profiles, you can assign service quality characteristics and settings specific to port or MAC addresses, and you can specify, based on frequency settings, the send rate either to individual devices in the network, to individual segments or even network-wide. The network structure is illustrated in a graphically appealing form, and the status of all the devices within the network are continuously updated and clearly displayed.


Starting immediately, dLAN 200 AVpro manager is included as part of the dLAN 200 AVpro 2 product. All other devolo business products will also be supported in a later version. For customers who are already using dLAN 200 AVpro 2, a version of dLAN 200 AVpro manager is available for download on the devolo home page.