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Clienti privati / 24.09.2008

Simply convenient—dLAN 200 AVplus with integrated electrical socket and mains filter

devolo AG, the Aachen-based inhouse powerline specialist, is continuously expanding its dLAN home network product range and is launching an adapter with additional functions to optimise user convenience. The new dLAN 200 AVplus features an electrical socket which is integrated into the housing and a mains filter which filters out interference caused by connected devices and thus optimises data transmission. Thanks to this smart combination, the consumer not only receives a dLAN adapter with speeds of up to 200 Mbps, but also an extra wall socket as a free gift. An additional feature is an LED that indicates the quality of data transmission. devolo thus offers the ideal network solution for all users who want to set up a fast home network, but never have enough electrical outlets behind their PC. The dLAN 200 AVplus priced at 79.90 euro and the dLAN 200 AVplus Starter Kit with two adapters priced at 149.90 euro will become available at the end of September.

Problem identified—Problem solved! There is often a lack of wall sockets in places where computers or other network devices are set up. In this case, a dLAN adapter would need to be plugged into a multiple socket for networking over the electrical wiring. devolo now offers a solution to this problem. Computers, terminal devices or power strips can now be connected to an integrated electrical socket in the new dLAN 200 AVplus the same way they are connected to a normal wall socket. This is better for data transmission because the mains filter, which is also integrated in the device, filters out interference caused by connected devices and improves the quality of data transmission. Therefore, the dLAN 200 AVplus is particularly well-suited especially for bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming video or IPTV. Data transmission over the household electrical wiring is stable even for video streams in HD quality thanks to automatic data prioritisation.

Safe and easy installation

As is the case with all dLAN home network products, installing the dLAN 200 AVplus also just takes one minute. After the devices are plugged into an electrical socket, the adapters detect each other over the electrical wiring and immediately establish a connection to each other. No configuration of the devices is necessary. With regard to network security, the new dLAN 200 AVplus also offers outstanding features, with encryption (128-bit AES) that can be activated by simply touching a button on the device. No encryption software is required. The new dLAN 200 AVplus even helps to save energy: in standby mode, the adapters automatically reduce power consumption by 30 percent—making an important contribution to protect the environment. Heiko Harbers, President and CEO of devolo AG, is clearly impressed by the dLAN 200 AVplus: "Convenient use, environmental protection and network problem solutions form a clever symbiosis in this new adapter." The dLAN 200 AVplus will become available at the end of September for 79.90 euro. The dLAN 200 AVplus Starter Kit will be priced at 149.90 euro.