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Private customers

New functions of devolo Home Control: greater comfort and convenience for every user


Delayed rule execution and other improvements

Users of the new devolo Home Control Siren will be especially pleased by the latest innovation. Starting immediately, it is possible to delay the execution of rules. Home Control owners can for example simply press the wall switch and the house is set in...

Trade area

devolo Operator Solutions at BBWF 2016: First Fiber solutions, OS WiFi Bridge has been nominated for ‘Best Wireless Broadband Innovation‘


OS WiFi Bridge: Scalable solution for UHD (4k) in Home distribution, great wireless coverage and services

The OS Wi-Fi Bridge works as a highly flexible and adaptable solution for realising a variety of services. As a multimedia hotspot, the OS WiFi Bridge provides users with an extensive Wi-Fi...

Smart Grid

Retrofitted for the power grid: integrating devices with serial ports into the smart grid.


In the smart grid by serial port

Since its release on the commercial market at the beginning of last year, the devolo G3-PLC Modem 500k has been used in a wide range of different scenarios. The smart metering test in five network clusters in Hamburg and Berlin proved to be the most impressive...

Private customers

The smart laundry room - With devolo Home Control for greater convenience and reliability


No more unnecessary trips down to the basement!

Most of us know exactly how long our washing machines and dryers run. But we sometimes forget what time it was when we started them. Then we have to run back down to the basement to see if the washing machine or dryer is done yet.
Using a single devolo...

Private customers

"Excellent Protection" rating for devolo Home Control. AV-TEST awards best grade once again for effective security concept.


Security for the smart home at all levels

devolo Home Control ensures security for your home with smart components such as its Siren and Motion Sensor. Furthermore, system development has put a stronger focus on data security. The Z-Wave wireless standard forms a secure foundation because the devolo...

Trade area

devolo GigaGate is celebrating its premiere at IFA 2016. New WiFi bridge for the gigabit era


Gigabit speed in the living room

Smart TVs, streaming boxes such as Apple TV® or Amazon Fire TV®, Sky Receiver®, audio receivers and gaming consoles: A lightning-fast Internet connection is the basis for state-of-the-art home entertainment. Unfortunately, a new router rarely makes up part of a...

Trade area

Welcome to the age of Gigabit: devolo Operator Solutions at IFA 2016 - offers innovative UHD video streaming solutions for the whole home


UHD: Video streaming with high bandwidth demand

UHD is a trending topic and currently creates great demand from end customers - and thus of course from network operators as well. Especially when it comes to video streaming. Brilliant colours and high resolution have their price: The necessary...

Trade area

New best in class: devolo is presenting dLAN® 550+ WiFi at IFA 2016


The new devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi: The best in the 500 class

The devolo dLAN® 550+ WiFi is stepping up to become the new champion in the 500 Powerline class. It includes 2x2 antennas and fast 802.11n WiFi. This allows the dLAN® 550+ WiFi to supply current laptops, smartphones and tablets with a WiFi...

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"devolo rende la casa e la rete elettrica intelligenti. Con gli adattatori Powerline di devolo i privati portano la connessione dati ultra veloce in ogni stanza. Inoltre, con devolo Home Control fanno conoscenza con la Smart Home, facile da installare, che può essere ampliata a scelta e comandata comodamente da smartphone. devolo è stata fondata nel 2002 e attualmente dà lavoro a circa 300 persone. Leader mondiale nel settore Powerline l'azienda ha filiali proprie e conta partner in 19 Paesi. "
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