Intelligent communication for charging stations

We're seeing an increasing number of vehicles driving on our roads that are powered by electricity. These vehicles require a comprehensive and efficient charging infrastructure. Smart data transfer between the vehicle and charging station is an absolute must if we want to ensure that vehicles can be charged quickly and hassle-free. This is the only way to communicate charging states and customise charging speeds so that they match the battery equipment of the specific vehicle. This makes vehicle-to-grid communication especially important for high-speed charging with direct current as well as for combined charging systems (CCS).

Green PHY Module sketch showing the application and function


devolo offers a comprehensive communication solution


Additional services and billing models can be implemented using vehicle-to-grid communication. The Green PHY modules enable devolo to provide an innovative connection, which has now become a global standard in charging station communication. The data connection for this is established via Powerline with the charging connection between station and electric vehicle. This principle enables reliable authentication and comprehensive communication for the charging process. At the same time, billing models and even new services can be integrated.


By offering devolo dLAN Green PHY products, we are providing a preconfigured module based on QCA7000 chipsets that is very versatile in how it can be used. Its hardware interfaces and extensive software development kit allow the devolo solution to be integrated into a wide variety of software environments with minimal development effort.


The module can even be used outside of e-mobility. It can be used as a Powerline solution in smart devices in order to connect them to the Internet of Things extremely quickly and efficiently.


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Powerline modules - Green PHY products

Product dLAN Green PHY Module white background

dLAN Green PHY Module

  • E-Mobility: Module for vehicle-to-grid communication for charging e-vehicles
  • Internet of Things: Extensive application development kit including manual (
  • Rapid Prototyping: The module allows customer Powerline solutions to be developed for your prototypes
Product dLAN Green PHY eval board II white background

dLAN Green PHY eval board II

  • Evaluation platform for the dLAN Green PHY modules over power, coaxial or twisted-pair cables
  • Enables PLC-to-Ethernet bridging in the basic settings – that's how you get started with e-mobility without going to the effort of programming at the module
  • 2 MikroElektronika Click Boards that can be integrated as a communication interface, sensor or actuator using an SDK


Smart grid communication for efficient e-mobility


E-mobility continues to gain speed in Europe. Many automotive manufacturers now offer an attractive portfolio of electric vehicles, allowing them to reach a new target group. At the same time, a more tightly knit network of charging stations is emerging. However, this can jeopardise network stability, especially due to the large amounts of energy drawn by electric cars and the strong fluctuations that result.


The smart energy network relies on comprehensive communication to integrate the charging stations in the best possible way. The IP-based data connection to the smart grid ensures continuous measurement and control. This also enables load compensation by interconnecting charging stations. Furthermore, in future the vehicles connected to the smart grid are expected to serve as batteries for storing extra energy as needed.


devolo offers a comprehensive communication solution


Data communication in real time is required to make the charging station units fit for the smart grid. For this purpose, devolo is utilising G3-PLC technology as well as broadband Powerline technology to provide an efficient communication solution that can be easily integrated into charging stations even after they are built. Powerline communication connects the charging stations to each other and enables an efficient connection to the grid control centre.

Research projects

Research project Progressus

Charging stations with integrated storage batteries form a blockchain-based microgrid.



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