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Fiera / 30.01.2008

devolo at CeBIT 2008: numerous in-house powerline innovations — dLAN TV sat enables digital TV reception at every power socket


devolo will showcase innovative new products at CeBIT (4 - 9 March 2008) in Hanover. Aachen-based network specialist devolo AG, a pioneer in HomePlug technology and the market leader in Europe, will showcase innovative new products at CeBIT (4 - 9 March 2008) in Hanover. In its exhibit in Hall 13, Booth C30, devolo will highlight the possibilities of networking via household electrical wiring.

dLAN TV sat – satellite TV at every power socket in every roomDigital satellite TV reception in every room of a house was previously impossible, as coaxial connections are available in only a few rooms. At CeBIT, devolo will present its solution to this problem. With dLAN TV sat, it is easy to distribute a DVB-S signal in SDTV/HDTV quality over the household electrical wiring—without having to route coaxial cable. dLAN TV sat has an integrated dLAN 200 AV adapter that feeds the DVB-S signal into the electrical mains. The television program can be received at any power socket using another dLAN 200 AV adapter and shown on a computer.

dLAN Audio extender – music over the electrical wiring

With the dLAN Audio extender, you can connect a computer to an entertainment system or active speakers within a house simply and quickly via the existing home‘s mains wiring installation. With this plug-and-play audio networking system, there is no need to install additional cables. As such, MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC files can be played through the entertainment system or external speakers in any room, in CD quality.

dLAN 200 AVeasy – secure network connection at the touch of a button

devolo will also present the dLAN 200 AVeasy, a further development of the well-known dLAN 200 AV adapter, in which data encryption is as easy as pressing a button. The "Encryption Button" located on the bottom of the dLAN 200 AVeasy makes configuring a dLAN network easier and more convenient than ever before. Simply press a button to create maximum data security between the adapters.

dLAN 200 AV Wireless extender – fast dLAN and WLAN combined

devolo will present another new product, the dLAN 200 AV Wireless, which turns every power socket in the house into a network connection and a WLAN access point. The new device has two WLAN antennas that can be used to connect a dLAN network to WLAN clients. Combining the dLAN and WLAN technologies enables users to set up a complete network within their own four walls using the dLAN 200 AV Wireless—with no limitations. Even the nooks and crannies that previously imposed physical limits on wireless networks can be reached by the dLAN 200 AV Wireless extender with no problem. For data transmission over multiple storeys or through walls, the dLAN Wireless extender uses the existing household power circuit. In a room with a computer to be wirelessly networked, a wireless connection is established via WLAN. The transmission rate is up to 200 Mbps for dLAN and up to 54 Mbps for WLAN.