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Clienti privati / 05.01.2009

devolo presents its new dLAN Highspeed adapter – lower power consumption, more convenient operation

Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG, the European market leader in the powerline segment, presents a new generation of its dLAN Highspeed adapters. With the intelligent, patented PowerSave mode of the devolo dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II, the powerline specialist underscores its leading position in the development of network products according to Green IT standards.

Powerline specialist devolo AG is introducing the dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II, a new generation of its renowned dLAN Highspeed adapters. The primary focus in the further development of the best-selling product has been on implementing the devolo Green IT standards of the company‘s own "Follow Green" seal.

Therefore, the added value of the bestseller‘s latest version lies primarily in devolo‘s patented PowerSave technology, an improved 3-LED status indicator and a newly designed housing. The intelligent PowerSave technology detects whether the device connected to the dLAN adapter is switched on or off. When the device is switched off, PowerSave also reduces the energy consumption of the devolo dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II by 30 percent. A special convenience feature is the newly designed, clearly arranged 3 LED status display. It informs you of the operating status and the network connection of the adapter. This allows the user to tell at a glance how good the connection between the dLAN adapters in his or her network is without the need to start a software.

For the first time, devolo is introducing a new package size with the dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II Network Kit for setting up a home network. The Network Kit consists of three dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II adapters and connects, for example, two computers and one DSL router to each other. Other PCs or network-compatible devices, such as correspondingly equipped printers or hard drives (NAS), can be added using additional adapters.

The devolo dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II adapters are the ideal solution for everyone that wants to use Internet and the network in every room. The dLAN technology turns the power line of the house into a network cable. The dLAN adapters can cover cable lengths of up to 200 m (656‘). With data throughput of 85 Mbps and the integrated DESpro encryption, fast and secure surfing is guaranteed. Installation could not be easier: Plug the adapter into the power outlet, connect with the computer, and you‘re done. Experienced users also have access to configuration software for PC (Windows XP, Vista), Mac and Linux, which they can use to enable individualised encryption. The dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II is fully compatible with first-generation dLAN adapters; devolo offers a 3-year warranty.

The new dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II adapter is available separately for 59.90 Euro, as a Starter Kit with two adapters for 104.90 Euro, and as a dLAN Highspeed Ethernet II Network Kit with three adapters for 134.90 Euro.